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Will You Tell Me Why?

Is Ingleside your church home?  If so, will you tell me why?

My question is:  why did you choose Ingleside to be your church home?

Perhaps it was our location – we are near to where you live.

Perhaps it was our children’s ministries – you wanted a good spiritual foundation for your kids.

Perhaps it was our student ministries – you were looking for a good youth group for your teens.

Perhaps it was relationships – maybe you had friends or family who already attended.

Perhaps it was missions – you wanted to be involved in going with the gospel to those who have not heard.

Perhaps it was the worship style – you found a musical “heart language” here that helped your soul sing.

Perhaps it was doctrine – you were looking for a church that shared your core biblical convictions.

Perhaps it was our classes and groups – you were looking for a place to connect and belong.

Perhaps it was . . . well, you get the idea.

There are many factors that could influence our choice of a church home.

So, would you take a moment and give me your top three.

Just send me a quick email ( with the most important factors for you.

I’m praying that the Father would draw many more people to himself through the gospel and to meaningful participation in our family of faith.

I’m very grateful for you and your partnership in the gospel.  And, I’m convinced that the best is yet to come!

Your Pastor and Friend,
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