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What Does It Take to Lead Well?

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 What does it take to lead well?  Psalm 78:72 says of King David’s leadership that he “shepherded them with integrity of heart; with skillful hands he led them” (NIV84).

Did you notice the two qualities this verse highlights?  They are integrity and skill.  Or, put another way: character and competence.

Character is foundational to trust.  And, trust is essential to effective leadership.  Character is developed over time as a leader embraces personal discipline, makes wise choices, and demonstrates a consistency that inspires confidence.

Competence has to do with skill.  It involves God-given talent, spiritual gifts, purposeful training, and experiences that allow a skill to be developed and strengthened.

Our church has been blessed with strong leadership at multiple levels for many years.  We have cultivated a healthy leadership culture, and we value the role God assigns to leaders.

Over the past two weeks, our Nominating Committee has met to select new leaders – nominees who will be considered for service as Overseers and Deacons.

As I left the meetings, I was impressed again with the importance of a good leadership selection processes.  Our pattern, which has served us well for many years, includes: congregation-wide input, consideration by the Nominating Committee, personal interviews, and election by the church.

This year’s Nominating Committee, like many before it, did its work prayerfully and carefully.  The spirit of the meetings honored the Lord and His Church.  From start to finish, the work of this committee reflected the overall health of our church family.

So, please join me in saying thanks to those who served on the Nominating Committee this year.  They included: Jonathan Chambless, Melanie Foster, Myrja Fuller, Richard Hart, Ben Hinson, Stanley Johnson, Russell Lewis, George McCallum, Cathy O’Dillon, Amelia Thompson, Cindy Wilson, Trisha Woods, and Bob Cronin, who served as Chairman by virtue of his role as Overseer Chairman.

Over the next few weeks, the Chairman and I will be visiting personally with each of the prospective nominees.  Then, biographical information about those that agree to be nominated will be distributed to the Church in mid-August.  The formal election is scheduled to occur as a part of our Semi-Annual Church Conference on Wednesday night, August 26.

Please join me in praying for those with whom we will visit and for our Heavenly Father’s guidance and direction as we walk through the remaining steps in this leadership selection process.

Your Pastor and Friend,

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