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This Will Change Your Life


Well, not really. Sorry about that. Have you ever seen a headline on a newspaper with an outlandish sounding title like the one on this article? Have you come across a link to a web page that just seemed too good to be true? Did a You Tube video ever cross your path with a name so peculiar you had to watch it? Some would call this “clickbait” or “fake news.” Others would call it hyperbole. You might call it a plain ‘ole lie! Maybe a reasonable way to describe these would be headlines that don’t deliver on their promise. The goal is to peak your interest with exaggeration.

A few headlines and titles like these that I’ve come across recently include:

  • Michael Phelps Races a Great White Shark
  • 17 Completely Mind-Blowing Facts About Outer Space
  • Unhealthiest Dish of 2017
  • The Most Satisfying Video Ever
  • #1 Worst Exercise that Slows Down Fat Loss

The purpose behind these is rarely substantial. It’s usually all hype. All buzz. We truly live in a world saturated by hype, buzz, and overstatement. Too much of what surrounds us just doesn’t deliver.

I think the church is different. I think the church is a place where authenticity should win out, where genuineness rules the day, and where substantial meaning and purpose are found. And every time we have the chance to talk about Ingleside – our church –  to an outsider, an un-churched young adult, a family looking for a new church home, or a prodigal empty-nester, we have a chance to communicate such meaning.

True statements that I like to use about our church when talking with others are:

  • It’s a healthy church with healthy staff and volunteer leadership.
  • There’s a musical heart-language for just about anyone.
  • It seems like a big church, but it’s as small as you make it.
  • We use biblical words in biblical ways to understand and apply biblical truth.
  • Your children and students will probably love it here!
  • If I weren’t on staff, I’d still choose to worship here in a heartbeat.

No hyperbole found here. Just truthful descriptions that describe a genuine church. So I encourage you not to “clickbait” others into coming to Ingleside, but rather, draw them here with an authentic invitation. Who will you invite this Sunday?

In the Spirit,
Executive Pastor