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The Way the Gospel Spreads & the Church Grows

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Family and Friends:
The Way the Gospel Spreads & the Church Grows

Have you ever thought much about how people take first steps toward faith in Jesus Christ and a vital relationship with other believers in a church?  I have.

Some time ago, I reviewed some very interesting survey results from LifeWay Research that asked:  how are Americans willing to receive information about a local church?  In December 2008, the survey asked 15,000 American adults how they felt about 13 different ways they might receive information about a church.

What was the way that that Americans are least willing to receive information about a local church:  when someone from that church shows up at their door.  In our culture today, door-to-door visits are not very effective.  Less than one-quarter (24%) of Americans would appreciate an unannounced visit to their door to talk about church.

What were the ways people were most willing to receive information about a local church?  Here are the top two:

1.  Personal conversation with a family member (63%)

2.  Personal conversation with a friend or neighbor (56%) 

It just makes sense, doesn’t it, that most of us prefer and are influenced by information that comes from people we already know and trust.  And that’s especially true when it comes to information about a church.

So, I just have to ask:  when’s the last time you had a personal conversation with a family member or friend about the Lord and your church?  I hope you will have such a conversation this week!

Acts 1:8 Weekend
Friday night – Sunday morning, November 4-6

At Ingleside, we are committed to mobilizing our members to go with the gospel here in Macon, across our region, throughout our country, and to the ends of the earth.  As we do, we are confident that God will call people from “every tribe and language and people and nation” (Revelation 5:9, NIV) to become followers of Jesus Christ.  The result:  great glory to God!

So, make a plan today to be part of our Acts 1:8 Weekend on November 4-6.  And, as you participate, ask the Lord to show you what your next step of obedience should be.  Every believer can be and ought to be involved in some significant way:  praying, giving, or going.

I’m grateful to be part of a church where “going with the gospel” is a core part of our identity and purpose.  I look forward to seeing you at our Acts 1:8 Weekend!

Your Pastor and Friend,

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