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Remembering Our Beginnings

remembering our beginnings

Sixty-five years ago this month, God was stirring in the hearts of some of His people to begin a new church in our community.  One of the primary reasons a new church was considered was related to the population growth in our city and county.

Census data shows that the city of Macon had grown by 21.4% (57,865 to 70,252) between 1940 and 1950.  Likewise, Bibb County had grown 36.2% (from 83,783 to 114,079) over the same decade.  It was in the context of this population boom that our church was born.

Remember with me some of the first meetings of what would become Ingleside Baptist Church (as recounted in our church history written by Spencer B. King in 1976), and give thanks to God for our heritage.

October 4, 1951 On a Thursday night, “sixteen people met in the home of Dr. and Mrs. Ralph Newton, Sr. at 3360 Ridge Avenue on October 4, 1951.”
October 11, 1951 “The little group had grown to twenty-nine by the time of the second meeting at the C. R. Rader home on October 11th.”
October 18, 1951 “The next week (October 18th) eleven men met at the Rader home and pledged a total of $55,000 toward the building of a meeting house.”
October 29, 1951 “Letters were sent out telling of the informal meetings at the Newton’s and inviting interested persons to gather at the Ingleside Community Clubhouse on October 29.  The letter made it clear that other churches in the city ‘would heartily endorse and support the movement.’  Seventy-five people attended that evening service [on a Monday night] and were of one accord in the thought that ‘we definitely feel the Lord leading us to establish a church in this community now.’”

Today, all of us who call Ingleside home should give thanks for those whom the Lord used to lay the foundations of the church we are part of today.  I’m grateful for our heritage – it’s worth remembering and celebrating.  And, I’m convinced that the best is yet to come.

Your Pastor and Friend,

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