Pastor's Blog

Pastor's Blog

New Logo, New Website

Over the past few days, you may have noticed a new logo on our website and printed publications at Ingleside.  We hope you like it and will come to identify it with all things Ingleside.

Logo_Only_TransparentIn fact, this new logo is not merely a new look.  It tells a story . . . a story that highlights our message, our values, and how we make disciples.  Check out the logo video here to learn the story.

The new logo is also part of a complete redesign and update of our website:  We hope you will find it easy to navigate, filled with helpful information and resources, and a great tool to help you stay connected to our church family.  Check out the new website today and let us know what you think, we made sure to get the best Sales quote software for our business.

Overseer Leadership

At our Semi-Annual Church Conference on Wednesday night, August 28, new Overseers were elected.  Adam Hawk, Ben Hobbs, Will Thompson, and Eddie Wilson were elected to three-year terms.  Steve Gramling was elected to serve a one-year term.

As these men begin serving on October 1, they will join Hill Boyett, Bob Cronin, Patrick Grant, Jimmy Hinson, Pat Rabun, Denny Sims, Paul Swicegood, and me on the Board during the coming year.  The four Overseers who are completing their terms on September 30 are Alex Correa, Kerry Hobbs, Richard Mixon, and Jason Woods.

At Ingleside, Overseers have three specific responsibilities:  to provide accountability for the Senior Pastor, to ensure financial integrity, and to set policies on behalf of the Church.  I am very grateful for each of these leaders and for the strong leadership partnerships that have characterized our church for many years.  Join me in praying God’s continued wisdom, unity, and favor for our leadership in the days to come!

A Conversation about Salvation

This Sunday, September 1, I will be sharing the final message in the four-part series called, “A Conversation about Salvation.”  As always, audio, video, and message outlines for each of the previous messages in this series can be found on our website here.  Invite a friend, bring your Bible, and come to worship this Sunday!