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Marriage Conference – September 23

Have you signed up yet to be part of our marriage conference on Sunday afternoon, September 23?

Watch this 30-second video for more information and a personal invitation.

Our worship speaker and conference leader will be Dr. Emerson Eggerichs, the author of “Love & Respect:  The Love She Most Desires, The Respect He Desperately Needs.”

You may register now for the conference online here.

My wife, Beverly, and I plan to be at the marriage conference, and we hope to see you there too!

Prayer 101:  Praying that Pleases God 

All of us need to learn to pray in a way that pleases God.

It’s why Jesus’ first disciples said to him: “Lord, teach us to pray” (Luke 11:1, ESV).

In response, Jesus gave them a model prayer.  It’s a prayer we commonly call “The Lord’s Prayer” – because it was given to us by our Lord.  Its purpose is to teach us how to pray.

This Sunday, September 2, I will share the third message of a five-week series based on the model prayer Jesus gave us entitled, “Prayer 101:  Praying that Pleases God.”

If you missed them, the first two messages in the series are on our website – you can watch online here.

I hope you will invite a friend to join you in worship this Sunday as we learn to pray in a way that pleases God.

It’s a great joy and privilege to be . . .

Your Pastor and Friend,

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