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Leadership Matters

On May 3 and 17, our Nominating Committee met to select new nominees who will be considered for service as Overseers.

As I left the meetings, my heart was deeply grateful for the quality and strength of the leadership God has given our church across the years.

I’m convinced that one of the reasons that we have had strong leadership is because we have a good selection process.  It includes congregation-wide input, consideration by a Nominating Committee, personal interviews, and election by the church.

This year’s Nominating Committee, like many before it, did its work prayerfully and carefully.  The spirit of the meetings honored the Lord and His Church.

As always, the beginning point for the Committee was consideration of the Scriptural qualifications for Overseers. Then, there was careful review of the responsibilities as outlined in our Constitution and Bylaws.

As the Committee met, there was candor balanced by a concern for unity.  There was seriousness appropriate to the task flavored by moments of light-hearted fun.  From start to finish, the work of this group reflected the overall health of our church family.

So, please join me in saying thanks to those who served on the Nominating Committee this year.  They included: Vicki Bass, Logan Bowlds, Kevin Bryant, David Goode, Laura Harris, Jimmy Hinson, Melissa Hudspeth, Rick Mixon, Heather Powers, Glenn Walker, April Walter, Clark Young, and Nick Morgan, who served as Chairman by virtue of his role as Overseer Chairman.

Over the next few weeks, the Chairman and I will be visiting personally with each of the prospective nominees and their spouses. Then, biographical information about those who are nominated will be distributed to the Church in mid-August.

The formal election is scheduled to occur as a part of our Semi-Annual Church Conference on Wednesday night, August 31.

Please join me in praying for those with whom we will visit and for our Heavenly Father’s guidance and direction as we walk through the remaining steps in this leadership selection process.

Why?  Because leadership matters.

Your Pastor and Friend,

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