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It’s Imperative!

have you read it yet? 2

If you have been reading “A Chapter a Day” with me, you know that today’s chapter is 2 Corinthians 13.  Have you read it yet?

As he often does near the end of his letters, the Apostle Paul finishes this letter to the church at Corinth with a series of staccato imperatives (vv. 11-12).  They apply to us today as well.  Did you hear them?

  • Rejoice. No matter our circumstance, we should ask God to help us choose joy.
  • Aim for restoration.  Our ultimate goal should be to restore, not punish, those who have strayed.
  • Agree with one another.  Unity in the gospel by the power of the Spirit should characterize our life together.
  • Live in peace.  Continual conflict does not honor the Lord and is not good for us.
  • Greet one another.  A common courtesy, but a necessary ingredient to warm fellowship in the body of Christ.

Tomorrow’s chapter is 1 Peter 1.  Thanks for reading the Word with me – a chapter a day.


I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


Your Pastor and Friend,

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