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Is Your Vision Big Enough?

It’s all too easy for our perspective on life to become too tightly focused.

The legitimate, daily demands of family, work, and school can become all-consuming.

Even in our spiritual lives, we can lose sight of the bigger picture.

That’s why it’s good for us to be reminded that God is at work all around the world.

Truth be told, we all need to be challenged to look beyond our usual horizons and consider how God would have us to be involved personally in his global mission of making disciples of all nations.

Virtual Acts 1:8 Weekend.  This weekend at Ingleside is a great opportunity for each of us to allow God to expand our vision.

I hope you are already planning to participate in our virtual Acts 1:8 Weekend, our annual world missions conference.

Youth and adults can participate in “Around the World in 80 Minutes.”  Children can take part in the “Italian Adventure for Kids.”  Everyone can join live Zoom calls with missionaries from Eastern Europe, Denver, Zimbabwe, Belgium, Portland, and Mexico.

We will all be encouraged, strengthened, and challenged by hearing Dr. Paul Chitwood, the President of our International Mission Board, as he speaks in each of our Sunday worship services.

You can find more information and registration for all the events of the weekend here.

Don’t miss this opportunity to grow spiritually and to develop your global vision.  It could be the beginning of something big – a fresh, new chapter in your walk with the Lord.

So, sign up today for our virtual Acts 1:8 Weekend!

Your Pastor and Friend,
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