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Pastor's Blog

Next Steps begin Sunday, May 2

In today’s blog, I want you to know about: (1) worship capacity increases, (2) new pandemic protocols, and (3) how to make recommendations for the office of Overseer.

Increased worship capacity.  As vaccinations increase and spread of the coronavirus in our region remains low, we plan to raise our worship capacity limits from approximately 33% to 40% beginning on Sunday, May 2.

That means we will be able to accommodate 640 worshipers in each service in the Worship Center, 200 in the Chapel, and 160 in the Multi-Purpose Gym.

We are making space for you, and we hope to see you here!

New pandemic protocols.  Of course, we are looking forward to the day when all pandemic precautions can be set aside, but we are not quite there yet.

So, even as we increase capacity in each of our worship services, we will continue our pandemic protocols, revised as follows beginning Sunday, May 2:

  • We practice social distancing — touchless check-in, seating every other row, and at least one seat between households.
  • Face coverings are optional – some will continue to wear them, some will not. All are welcome.  Do what’s best for your situation – age, health, vaccination status, etc. – and show lots of grace toward others.

Of course, we will continue the livestream.  So, if in-person worship is still not wisest for you, join us each week online!

Overseer recommendations.  Four new members to our Board of Overseers are elected each August and begin to serve on October 1.

The process begins as our Nominating Committee receives recommendations from members of our church family.

So, if you have a recommendation, we would love to know.  More information and the recommendation form are online here.

We typically receive recommendations each year for those who will be nominated to serve on the Deacon Ministry Team as well.

However, our Overseers recently decided to join me in taking a fresh look in light of Scripture at the role of Deacons at Ingleside.

Since we currently have more than fifty Deacons serving on this ministry team, we will not receive new recommendations for Deacon until the study is complete.

Of course, any proposed changes to our Bylaws recommended by our Overseers at the completion of the study will be communicated widely and voted on by our Church.

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday as we gather in Jesus’ name!  It’s a joy and privilege to be . . .

Your Pastor and Friend,

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