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Improving Your Serve



I’m not sure if you follow tennis, but the oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, Wimbledon, is well underway this week. You might be amazed that over the course of the event more than 473,000 people attend, 23,630 pizzas are served, over 50,000 plants are on display, and that players have to follow a “predominately in white rule” in regard to their clothing and accessories. How about the fact that the fastest serve ever at Wimbledon was in 2010 when Taylor Dent blazed a ball over the net at 148 mph!

Now I’m certainly no tennis pro, but I understand that a well-served ball can make all the difference. As your serve improves, your overall game can improve. Sounds like an equation that would work well in the body of Christ to me! As followers of Christ grow in their serving ability, willingness, and commitment, the church can be more effective.

Did you know that virtually every area of ministry at Ingleside is recruiting volunteers to make a difference for God’s kingdom? The specific opportunities to use your gifts here are too numerous to list. But could you:

  • Shake a hand and welcome a guest?
  • Teach or assist in a class (for any age)?
  • Be the hands and feet of Christ to hurting people?
  • Offer hospitality?
  • Express a musical or artistic passion?
  • Do something technically oriented?
  • Mentor a student or young adult?
  • Coach a team?
  • Build something?

There’s bound to be something for you in a list like that. Though this list is not exhaustive, I can point you to one that is – this page on our website. You can browse by category and find a place to plug in. Just fill out the quick form, and a ministry leader will contact you shortly.

Almost 1,400 people served this past year in various ways, and we always had open opportunities. Will you help me improve the serve at Ingleside? We are counting on you!

In the Spirit,
Executive Pastor