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Pastor's Blog

Healthy Teams

In a larger church, one of the keys to long term health and vitality is the leadership of an effective pastoral and program staff in partnership with church members who are fully devoted followers of Christ.

Our Ingleside staff is currently organized into four teams: (1) the Worship Arts Team; (2) the Next Generation Team; (3) the Disciple-Making Team; and (4) the Operations Team.  I want you to know each of the team leaders and the scope of their responsibility.

jgreenWorship Arts Team.  Led by our Worship Arts Pastor, Jonathan Green, this team is responsible for planning and leading each of our weekly worship services.  This team also provides support and leadership for our outreach on WMAZ-TV as well as concerts and special services throughout the year.

ajohnsonNext Generation Team.  Andy Johnson, our Children’s Pastor, leads this team and is responsible for our ministries to preschoolers, elementary-age children, middle school students, and high school students.  In addition to regular Sunday and Wednesday programming, this team leads retreats, camps, and special events year round.

dpetersonDisciple-Making Team.  Led by David Peterson, our Discipleship Pastor, this team is responsible for adult discipleship and small groups, membership ministries, missions ministries, recreation ministries, and our bookstore and café.  College ministries, men’s ministries, and women’s ministries are also coordinated by this team.

tnewberryOperations Team.  Tim Newberry, our Chief Finanancial Officer, leads this team and is responsible for financial administration, information technology, property and grounds, insurance, legal and tax matters, human resources, and our food service ministry.  In addition, this team is responsible for community event coordination and our auxiliary properties (shopping center and office park).

Of course, each of these leaders works with a gifted and dedicated team of staff members and volunteers who are committed to serving with excellence.

I am very grateful for these leaders and their teams.   I know that you will join me in giving thanks to the Lord for them and praying the Lord’s favor and blessings as we stretch toward reaching our full redemptive potential.  The best is yet to come!