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Easter Worship by Livestream

This will be a Resurrection Sunday to remember, will it not?

Instead of gathering with thousands on our campus to remember Jesus’ death on the cross for our sins and to celebrate his victory over sin and death, we will stay home and connect with one another for worship by livestream.

You may participate at (and on Facebook and YouTube).  I hope that you will join us and invite others to do the same.

Though our circumstances have been temporarily and radically altered by the threat of the new coronavirus and our efforts to slow the spread, the good news of salvation in Jesus Christ is still the same.

In fact, the COVID-19 crisis has likely stripped away our false sense of security.  It has demonstrated that we are not in control.  It has surely reminded us of the vulnerability and fragility of our plans and our lives.

This virus has made us think again of our own mortality.  It has underscored the fact that we need help and hope that reaches beyond the grave.

That’s why our celebration this Sunday should be just as joyful and just as thankful as ever before.

If we focus on Jesus and the eternal life we have in in him, it will still be a glorious day!

So, fill your heart with the truth of the gospel.  Join in the singing,  praying, and hearing of God’s word on the livestream.  Rejoice in our salvation, and renew your commitment to following Jesus with your whole heart.

Make it an Easter we will never forget!

Your Pastor and Friend,
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