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Celebrating When We “Go”


North America. South America. The Caribbean. Eastern Europe. South Asia.

No, I didn’t just tell you all of the “bucket list” places I’d like to visit. These are the “here, there, and everywhere” destinations we have sent mission teams to this summer. Nine trips in all, in fact. Perhaps you’ve prayed for some of these, seen pictures on social media, or partnered in some way with a participant.

I think it’s appropriate to thank the Lord for these opportunities to be a witness across the globe and celebrate the fruitfulness of ministry that occurred. Here are the highlights from each trip:

  1. Ukraine – In partnership with International Mission Board missionaries and a local church, 4 team members led a kids Bible camp of about 50 children.
  2. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – This group of 43 middle and high school students and their leaders led an arts camp, vacation Bible school, and presented the gospel in public venues through music and individual conversations.
  3. Nepal – 3 couples from our church led a marriage retreat for Nepali church planters.
  4. Clarkston, Georgia – 4 ladies visited “The Ellis Island of the South,” a town that welcomes 1,500 refugees per year, to prayer walk and partner with Reach the Nations Church.
  5. Haiti – 14 high school students led a vacation Bible school and equipped local church leaders through evangelism training.
  6. Bolivia – This team of 3 prepared gift bags that will be used to open the door to gospel conversations, encouraged native believers, did some Bible teaching, and helped with improvements at a Christian Training Center.
  7. Salt Lake City, Utah – In partnership with a church plant there, 26 high schoolers and leaders spent a week prayer walking, doing door-to-door evangelism, and serving practical needs, often leading to spiritual conversations.
  8. New Orleans, Louisiana – Middle schoolers and their leaders, 33 in all, led a vacation Bible school for a local church and engaged in a number of spiritual conversations in public parks.
  9. Macon, Georgia – Beginning Sunday, about 30 High School students will spend 5 days focusing on needs in our city including: a backyard Bible club for an apartment complex, serving with several community mission agencies, and ministering to residents of a retirement center.

This list represents so much for which we can be thankful. Many people heard the gospel, dozens of members used their gifts to serve others in Jesus name, and believers across the globe were encouraged by our teams. It’s probably right and good to conclude with a hearty, “Amen!”

In the Spirit,
Executive Pastor