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By the Numbers

by the numbers

If you watched the Chicago Cubs win the World Series this week, you know that it’s possible to give a summary in a few numbers.

World Series: 4-3
Game 7 score: 8-7
Game 7 innings: 10
Years since Cubs last won series: 108

The numbers are accurate and helpful.  They tell key parts of the story.  Yet, they don’t come close to telling it all.

They don’t convey the sheer elation for Cubs fans, or the disappointment for their opponents. They don’t capture the momentum swings, the dominant pitching, the clutch hitting, the close plays, the questionable calls, and the manager’s strategic decisions.

You had to be there (or watching) to really experience it.

Over our last fiscal year at Ingleside (October 2015 – September 2016), you can summarize our missions ministry in a few numbers.

Mission trips:


Missions going:
Local missions 1,365
Georgia 66
U.S. 62
International 70
Missions dollars: $612,601

Once again, the numbers are helpful, but they don’t come close to telling it all.

They just can’t convey the earnest prayer, diligent preparation, team spirit, loving service, spiritual growth, and sheer joy of sharing the gospel – and sometimes being witness to God’s work of grace as someone repents and believes.  You just have to be there!

So, why don’t you decide today that in the coming year you will actually “get in the missions game”?

Go Cubs go!

Let’s all go with the gospel!

Your Pastor and Friend,

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