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Back to School, Back to Church

back in the rhythm

By this point in the month of August almost every school in our region is back in session.  For many Ingleside families the rhythms of summer are giving way to the more structured cadences of a new school year.

I hope part of your pattern this fall will be regular participation in worship at Ingleside.  So, if your schedule has kept you away more than usual this summer, I hope to see you back at church on Sunday!

I’ll be sharing the second message in a series called, The Pursuit of Spiritual Excellence.  And, in each of our worship services we will recognize and pray over educators and students.  Don’t miss it!

See you Sunday?

From Guest … to Regular Attender … to Member

God intends for us to have meaningful relationships with other believers in a local church.  We’re not supposed to go it alone.

Guest.  The path to those meaningful relationships often begins with a first visit in worship.  If you are our guest, we hope you feel a warm welcome, are encouraged and challenged by the music and the message, and sense the presence of God.  And, we hope your first visit won’t be your last.

Regular Attender.  As you begin to attend regularly, we hope you will explore connections beyond the large group worship time.  Check out a Sunday morning Bible study class.  Consider joining a small group study.  Become part of a choir.  Join in the fellowship at the Wednesday night meal.

Member.  The next step is to make the commitment to membership at Ingleside.  The way you do that is by attending our membership class.  They occur every month, and the next one is this Sunday afternoon, August 21, at 4:00 p.m.  You’ll learn more about our church and what it means to be a member.  And, at the end of the class you can commit to membership.

So where are you on this journey?  If you are a guest, we’re glad you are here.  We hope you will come again.  If you are a regular attender, I’m glad Ingleside is beginning to feel like home.  Now take the next and commit to membership.

You will benefit and God will be glorified as you make the journey from  that church . . . to this church . . . and then to my church.  I hope to see you in the membership class this Sunday!

Your Pastor and Friend,

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