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Are You Praying for Afghanistan?

In today’s blog, I want to: (1) encourage you to pray for believers in Afghanistan, (2) make sure you know about a change to our WMAZ-TV program; and (3) report the results of our Semi-Annual Church Conference.

Are You Praying for Afghanistan?

As the collapse of Afghanistan has unfolded, our hearts have been shocked and grieved by the scenes at the Kabul airport as thousands are seeking to flee the danger that is to come.

I hope you have been praying for our President and those who advise him, for our military personnel, for U.S. citizens trying to find a way home, and for many Afghanis who now fear harm at the hands of the Taliban.

We should also be praying earnestly for our fellow Christians in Afghanistan who now will likely be the target of mistreatment and violent persecution simply because they follow Jesus.

How can we help in addition to praying?  Send Relief is the joint effort of the International Mission Board and our North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention to bring compassionate help and hope in Jesus’ name.  You can find ways to get involved here.

TV Program Moves to 11:30 a.m. on October 3

In November 2011, we began airing our Sunday morning messages in a 30-minute program at 11:00 a.m. on our local CBS affiliate, WMAZ-TV.

At the start, about 3,000 adults were reported to be watching each Sunday.  Now we are told that more than 12,000 adults are tuning in each week.  At the outset of the pandemic last year, more than 20,000 were turning to God and his word through our program

Due to changes at the network level, however, a change is coming. Our program will be shifted to 11:30 a.m. beginning on Sunday, October 3.

I hope you will help me spread the word about this change and encourage others to watch when they must be at home on Sunday mornings!

Overseers Elected and Budget Approved

At our Semi-Annual Church Conference last night our church approved the 2022 Ministry Budget and elected new Overseers.

The budget is $7.3 million and will require our continued faithful and generous giving.  As the Scripture challenges us, let’s “excel in this grace of giving” (2 Corinthians 8:7, NIV84).

The newly elected Overseers are Brett Collier, Alex Correa, Ben Hinson, and Johnny Mitchell.  Each will begin a 3-year term on October 1.  Pray for the Lord’s wisdom and blessing as they serve the Lord and our church in this leadership role.

It’s a joy to be on this journey with you, and I’m convinced that the best is yet to come!  It’s a great honor to be . . .

Your Pastor and Friend,

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