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Are We Off to a Good Start?

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I was around the table at our Wednesday night fellowship meal for a few moments with a group of senior adult ladies last night and one of them asked:  “So, how is the contemporary worship service going?  Is it off to a good start?”  All were eager to hear the reply.

The question.  Both the question and the answer were a source of joy for me.  The question was really more than a mere ask for information.  It was an inquiry filled with the hope and expectation that the answer would be, “Yes.”

None of the ladies at my table had attended the first two of our contemporary services, and truth be told, will not likely choose it as their regular Sunday morning worship experience in the days ahead. But, they all knew about the service, were very glad we were offering it, were praying for it, and were hoping that the report would be good.

The question itself was such a beautiful expression of unity and maturity in a multi-generational church that now offers three different musical heart languages in four services every Sunday morning.  The spirit of the question communicated clearly, “We are all in!”

The answer.  In response to the question, I was pleased to provide great news.  By virtually any measure, the first two Sundays of our contemporary service and our new Sunday worship schedule have gone extraordinarily well.

New worshipers have come to Ingleside.  New volunteers have begun to serve in the body.  New patterns have been embraced joyfully. New technology has performed beautifully.  New songs have been led and sung with obvious excellence and spiritual power.  New Bible study classes have begun. And, new possibilities for expanded ministry are now opening before us.

On Sunday one, 474 worshipers helped launch the contemporary service.  On Sunday two, 393 worshipers were present.  Our total worship participation the first two Sundays was 2,304 and 2,094.  Both are increases over the same Sundays of September last year.

How you can help.  First, many of you are taking the challenge to park across the street at the shopping center so that closer spaces are available to newcomers.  More than 200 cars were across the street each of the first two weeks.  Thank you.  Please keep it up.

Second, many of you who attend the blended services at 9:40 and 11:00 have responded to our ask that you move forward to be part of “the front 800.”  Thank you.  As our attendance patterns shift, it’s vital that we create a great worship environment by filling the front sections first.  Please keep it up and encourage others to join you.

The bottom line:  by the Lord’s grace, we are off to a really good start.  For your partnership in the gospel, I am deeply grateful.  And, as you know, I am convinced that the best is yet to come!

Your Pastor and Friend,
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