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Pastor's Blog

Answering the Call

On Sunday, June 27, Pastor Tim capped off a seven-part series on serving with a challenge to everyone in our body. That challenge was to increase our church’s serving quotient by asking Inglesiders to volunteer in a primary and secondary place of ministry.

Or, to put it another way, to use your Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality, and Experiences in one area of passion and one area of need.

This culminated in a brief Ingleside Serving Survey where many of you provided us contact information and noted areas of possible service in ministry. Our team has been working through those surveys diligently and has already made hundreds of personal contacts.

New leaders are surfacing in virtually every ministry week-by-week because of your eagerness to jump in. I praise the Lord for this fresh wind of leadership.

If you were not able to fill out a survey but still want to learn more about serving in the body at Ingleside, just fill out this online Connect form. 

Mission Trips are Back!

We are hearing good reports from the team of eleven that is serving this week in Portland, Oregon. This team, led by Robby Jones, is serving one of our church planting partners, Patrick Grant and Woodstock Community Church, in several ways.

The primary task is to conduct an outreach soccer camp at a local park. They are also leading worship, prayer walking, encouraging the believers there, and engaging in “as you go” evangelism conversations. Please pray for fruitfulness in their work.

Additionally, we plan to send another team to Portland August 13-16 with other “here, there, and everywhere” trips in the works as more places open to travelers. 

Children’s Ministry Staff Transition

I also want to let you know that Nick Wilbur, our Children’s Pastor, will transition off our team on Thursday, July 29. He has accepted a position teaching at a private school in Athens, GA, where he will be close to his family.

Nick has served on our team since November 13, 2017. He has overseen all aspects of our Children’s Ministry programming and special events. During that time we have seen many boys and girls confess faith in Christ, be baptized, learn about missions, and have a ton of fun experiences. We are grateful for his ministry at Ingleside, and of course, pray he flourishes in the next season. I know you’ll want to wish him and Christy well when you see them.

Even as we prepare for this transition, I am thankful for our staff and volunteers that will allow us to continue to minister to children and their families with excellence. I praise the Lord for His work up until now, and truly believe that the best is yet to come!

In Christ,

Executive Pastor