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Pastor's Blog

A Weekend to Remember

Do you remember April 12, 2020? I do. It was an Easter like no other. Our church campus was calm and quiet. We led but one livestream worship service at 11:00 a.m. with a skeleton crew.

No Saturday Easter Family Fun Day. No Saturday evening services. No delicious brunch in the Gathering Area on Sunday morning. No family pictures out on the Plaza.

Our best metrics say that about 2,700 people worshipped online that morning. It just seemed strange, and we all longed for more.

Were you here last weekend? Now that’s a different story! Contrast the details above with our 2021 Easter weekend:

  • Over 250 people participated in the Easter Family Walk-Through. The event was creative, fun, and filled with gospel purpose.
  • Seven worship services across Saturday and Sunday were full, vibrant, and engaging. All told, almost 2,600 people gathered on campus.
  • Our livestream (both Saturday at 6:00 p.m. and Sunday at 11:00 a.m.) included another 800 worshippers.
  • Many who had not been to church since March 2020 made their way to Ingleside to worship.
  • An expanded team of players and singers enhanced our Traditional and Blended services.

You may want to check out this album of pictures highlighting the entire weekend.

Though it was still different from Easters past, it was a step toward normalcy. That means that much of what occurred on Easter weekend was not an anomaly. We plan to continue those patterns.

We will maintain our increased capacity limits established last weekend. Those limits have now been raised in each service to approximately 33%.

We can now accommodate 530 worshipers in each service in the Worship Center, 165 in the Chapel, and 135 in the Multi-Purpose Gym. So our total in-person, on-campus capacity for all services will now be 1,360.

If you have yet to return, there is space for you! Just reserve your seats here. Check-in is still touchless, social distancing is practiced, and face coverings are strongly encouraged.

As we expand capacities and increase programming, and as your health dictates, I’m counting on you to be all in. If your circumstances allow you to gather with the body, I hope you’ll do so. If you are called on to serve, I hope you’ll jump in enthusiastically. If you aren’t in a group, I hope you’ll join one soon.

Together, we’ll start to see this pandemic in the rear-view mirror!

In the Spirit,

Executive Pastor