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Pastor's Blog

A Wednesday Night Snapshot


Have you ever been at Ingleside on a Wednesday night?

On a typical Wednesday night hundreds of people gather at our church for the purposes of growing stronger and deeper in our relationship with Jesus Christ and with one another.

The gatherings are typically segmented by age, life stage, or purpose to allow us to focus God’s truth on the particular needs of each group or to sharpen our skills for serving.

For example, on Wednesday night, February 6, . . .

  • 65 adults gathered in the Chapel for praise, prayer, and verse-by-verse Bible teaching
  • 78 adults participated in groups or studies in various venues all across our campus
  • 59 preschoolers were being cared for in Jesus’ name
  • 130 children and leaders were in AWANA
  • 72 middle school students and leaders were learning together in “The Basement” at Lift.
  • 73 high school students and leaders were “Across the Street” for Group and Band.
  • 77 singers were at blended choir rehearsal
  • 46 singers were at traditional choir rehearsal
  • 27 volunteers were preparing with the band, orchestra, or on production teams

Of the 647 people here that Wednesday night, 185 enjoyed a great meal in our Fellowship Hall.  The meal is served buffet-style from 4:45 until 6:30 p.m. every Wednesday night ($7 for adults; $5 for kids; and a $21 max for families).

As you can see, regardless of your age or life stage, there’s a place for you on Wednesday nights at Ingleside . . . to connect, to learn, to grow, or to serve.

So, if you are considering what a next step of involvement might be, I hope you will join us soon on Wednesday nights at Ingleside.

It’s a great joy to be on this journey with you, and I remain convinced that the best is yet to come!

Your Pastor and Friend,
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