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A Summer of Spiritual Significance


For many families at Ingleside, the rhythms of life will be different as the school year comes to a close.

The demands of classes, tests, and extracurricular activities give way to a welcome change of pace.

At Ingleside, the summer promises to be spiritually significant.  I want you to know about, participate in, and pray for the ministry and missions that will occur.  Here’s a summary:

May 24-28 Denver Mission Trip
May 26-June 2 Ukraine Mission Trip
June 4-8 Xtreme Week (Vacation Bible School)
June 10-15 Sessions Tour (Student Choir Missions)
June 15-24 Nepal Mission Trip
June 23-30 Haiti Mission Trip (High School)
June 27 Church Picnic (baptism in the lake)
June 30-July 7 Bolivia Mission Trip
July 1 Patriotic Celebration (10:30 a.m. only)
July 7-14 Salt Lake City Mission Trip (High School)
July 8-13 New Orleans Mission Trip (Middle School)
July 20-23 Kids Camp (grades 3-5)
July 22-26 Go Week (local missions; High School)

Of course, in addition to these opportunities, every Sunday of the summer we will gather for Bible study and worship on our campus.  Every week we will welcome newcomers who will be evaluating whether Ingleside might be a church home for them.  So, if you are in town, I hope you will be in church!

I am grateful to be on this journey with you and am confident that the best is yet to come!

Your Pastor and Friend,

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